Funeral Service of York Minster Education Manager

York Funeral Ceremony by Yorkshire Celebrant Connecting Finland to Yorkshire   There wasn’t much that Timo Little didn’t know about York Minster! Timo had been part of the ‘Dream-Team’ at the Minster who had implemented, created and developed an Education Programme of international repute. As a man that was obsessed with history, this was a READ MORE

Funeral Ceremony for York Covid Victim at York Cemetery

Remembering Mark Saunders – a victim of Covid in York York Funeral Ceremony with Funeral Celebrant Yorkshire     ”The time I think most clearly, The time I drift away Is on the bus ride That meanders Up these valleys of green and grey”   These very poignant lyrics were heard being performed by New READ MORE

Memorial Ceremony for York Local Musician by Yorkshire Celebrant

Memorial Ceremony in York   Tony McCormack’s Memorial If you were part of the local music community in York, then you would know Tony McCormack. If you were a punter or a visitor to York exploring the music scene in the city, then you would know Tony McCormack. Tony was truly a legend in York READ MORE