Sometimes circumstances can mean that a funeral ceremony has not been able to take place or only a limited amount of people have been able to attend.

A Memorial Ceremony is a wonderful way of fully remembering and celebration somebody’s life in the company of everybody that knew them.

Memorials can be held in any venue and at any time of day. Evenings are often a good time for such events and depending on the venue chosen, there are usually no time restrictions.

“Lou conducted a memorial for a friend and I was overwhelmed by her professionalism and ability to put together such an incredible evening. She drew together content from many different people (some were very last minute!) to deliver a service full of good memories, humour and poignancy. Couldn’t recommend enough.”

Laura Boston-Barber

“Louisa organised a memorial evening when our loved one passed away. She is very professional and caring. The evening couldn’t have gone any better, it was a perfect celebration of life. Thank you so much.”

Fiona McCormack

Tony’s Memorial was held in a pub in the evening and was absolutely full to the brim of friends, family and work colleagues. As Tony was a musician, we had the honour of live music being performed as well as an open mic which allowed anybody that knew him, the chance to perform a tribute to their friend.

The ceremony was full of stories and anecdotes taken from various people in Tony’s life and a slideshow of photos, various videos and music recordings of Tony were played too.

It was a true tribute to his character, his hobbies, his loves and his life.


The scattering of a person’s ashes is a fundamental part of the journey of being laid to rest. If there is a special location for the ashes to be scattered, a ceremony can be held to honour this final resting place.