Modern Funeral Ceremony at York Cemetery with York Funeral Celebrant

Yorkshire Funeral Celebrant

Memories of Martin with Funeral Celebrant Yorkshire in York Cemetery

Hayley Owen Funeral Director – York Funeral Services

Yorkshire Funeral Celebrant

Surf’s Up!

”Value of Life Committee” = VOLCOM!

The Volcom logo that decorated Martin’s coffin, truly represented Martin’s love of extreme and outdoor hobbies such snowboarding and surfing. The extreme adrenalin rush that Martin experienced in these activities made him absolutely buzz!

As soon as it was holiday time, Martin would be packing his boards and equipment to head off to the coast with his family and friends for a fun holiday packed with outdoor pursuits.

With references integrated into the the service that connected to ‘Surf talk’ and jargon used by the surf community, Martin’s funeral ceremony celebrated his passion for these sports.


York Funeral Celebrant

”How’s you day been Martin?” Answer – ”Nightmare!”

This was indeed a phrase that Martin was renowned for saying.

Anybody that asked Martin how his day had been would receive not only ”Nightmare” as an answer but also a full report about absolutely everything! And by everything, this meant every single detail. You didn’t need a traffic report as Martin would give you a full one that included all the details about what happened to him on his way back from work.

Being on the road however in his car was something that he loved as it meant he could blast out his 90s dance tunes! His work colleagues could hear him coming from miles away due to the beat of the bass banging away in his car. The 90s was a special era to Martin as it was when he used to party – and we mean properly PARTYYYYYYY!!!  This was how he met his wife Rachel and we celebrated this era of tunes by playing a song Martin loved. The song was Massive Attack – Unfinished Symphony – long live the 90s!



13.5% Red Wine only

When it came to red wine, Martin was a connoisseur! He would go round and round the shops scouting out the good quality wines that had to be 13.5%. We laughed about stories connected with wine like the one about Martin making friends with a restaurant owner and managing to get access to the cellar that visitors were usually banned from! He had a charm indeed and could talk to anybody easily. His taste buds however always liked to rely on a bottle of Becks being put on the table with a meal and we raised a bottle of Becks in his honour in the ceremony.

Yorkshire Funeral Celebrant



A Celebration of Martin’s life – A Modern Funeral

Martin adored his wife and son and his family was his life. His wife Rachel told me many stories and we recalled many of them in Martin’s ceremony. There were so many stories because Martin could charm the pants off anybody – which as we recalled, was quite ironic considering he apparently didn’t wear pants himself!

His ceremony was full of laughter as well as very moving and meaningful memories. As we said our farewells to Martin however, we knew that he would immediately be on his board and surfing the waves!


Thank you to Rachel and family for the lovely gifts – especially the ‘13.5% Martin approved’ red wine!! 

York Funeral Services

Dear Louisa

We cannot thank you enough for  your wonderful tribute to Martin.

All our friends and family assumed you knew him – that says it all really!

You are a very special lady.

Love Rachel, Ken and Evan Murphy

Testimonial from Rachel

Simply put , just don’t look anywhere else , you’ve found the best .
If you want bespoke, if you’d like outside the box , if you have fabulous ideas that no one else’s gets , Louisa will !
Louisa is so gifted, she gave my husband the send off he would have loved ! ( which was challenging due to the Covid restrictions)
She had never met him but somehow she got him , she understood who he was and what he loved in life . Myself my son & family couldn’t have possibly asked for more.
I will be forever grateful and in awe of her total awesomeness! Rachel ❤️

Funeral Services and Ceremonies with Yorkshire Celebrant

Martin’s funeral service was held in York Cemetery which allowed us plenty of time to celebrate his life without the stress of timing issues. All through Covid times, Wendy and her team at the Cemetery have ensured that all Covid rules and restrictions have been followed. The government allowance of the rule of 30 has meant limited numbers of family and friends are able to attend.

For personalised, memorable and truly special ceremonies, celebrants can be booked directly or requested for via a funeral director. Martin’s service was written and conducted by Louisa Starr from Starr Gazing Ceremonies – Funeral Celebrant Yorkshire

York Female Funeral Director

Hayley Owen was the first female funeral director to open independently in York. A huge thank you is sent as always to Hayley Owen Funeral Director and her incredible team for delivering a high quality service and for providing a genuine heartfelt and personal touch to the funeral services they provide.


York Cemetery details –  – 01904 610578

Celebrant – Louisa Starr – Funeral Celebrant Yorkshire

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