Celebration of Life Funeral Ceremony with Yorkshire Funeral Celebrant

Funeral Ceremony with Yorkshire Funeral Celebrant



Yorkshire Funeral Celebrant
Funeral Ceremony Testimonial


Personalised Funeral Ceremony

Certainly, Encarna was a lady that put her heart and soul into caring for her family.

Because of the bond between her and her daughters being so strong, during the ceremony, we spoke about their connection and reiterated Encarna’s Spanish heritage. She was certainly proud of her Spanish roots and still loved the country with all her heart.

When it came to cooking, Encarna’s dishes were amazing!

She was an exceptionally generous lady and always looked immaculate with her dress sense! Whenever she had the opportunity, the sounds of flamenco would be her preference and she loved a party! Together with her family, enjoying the buzz of Spanish festivals lit up her ever-present smile too.

Alternative Funeral Ceremonies

Celebrant Funeral Ceremony

After knowing Elena and Sophia through the wedding industry, I was truly honoured when they asked me to perform the funeral ceremony for their mother, Encarna.

After speaking with Elena and Sophia for ages on the phone, straightaway, we knew what they wanted for their Mum’s funeral ceremony. To summarise, her ceremony was beautiful, funny, personal and uplifting.

Altogether, it was a true celebration of her wonderful life!

Thank you to the Costa Sisters for asking me to have this honour and for looking after me in Cardiff. Also, thank you for the beautiful testimonial you wrote for me.

Thank you to Co-op Funerals for their assistance too.


Cardiff Crematorium

The ceremony was held in Cardiff and Glamorgan Crematorium. Additionally, in the crematorium, Elena and Sophia had arranged an extra special decoration from Issy and Bella  to add that extra piece of specialness and beauty to the funeral ceremony.


Beautiful funeral ceremony floral decoration

In Memory of Encarna

Previously, I had learnt that one of the funniest parts of Encarna’s personality was her Spanglish! We incorporated this into the ceremony which caused many giggles especially about the story of how she met her husband! Laughter, joy, love and memories were all combined to ensure this wonderful lady received a wonderful ceremony!

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