A Guided Tour of a Yorkshire Life!


Funeral Ceremony by Yorkshire Funeral Celebrant

Award winning Yorkshire Tourist Guide


There wasn’t much that Alan Rowley didn’t know about Yorkshire!

Alan’s knowledge of historical sites in Yorkshire combined with his general knowledge of his home county that he loved, meant that a tour with him was amazing!

Alan’s family were very used to his saying of  ‘Did you know?’, as this was a common phrase of his on tours and in life in general. A huge amount of wonderful reviews were left on Alan’s TripAdvisor page by many satisfied customers and in the ceremony, many of them were quoted.

As Alan was a famous Tour Guide however, the theme of his funeral ceremony was a Tour of Alan’s life combined with a few historical facts along the way that Alan would certainly have appreciated.

A true Yorkshireman!

Black Sheep Brewery


Yorkshire’s True Tours was Alan and his partner Judy’s business.

After growing up in Wakefield, Alan began working in the pub trade before then moving on to working as a taxi driver in York. Alan always had the gift of the gab and so after meeting Judy through taxi driving, they both decided that Alan’s natural talking skills needed to be put to use!

In his smartly polished shoes, Alan’s steps would take the feet of many tourists and visitors around the incredible Yorkshire countryside. Even the Clive and Amanda of the Yorkshire Shepherdess TV programme gave Alan the nickname of ‘The Tour Fella’!

In his personal life, Alan had a natural fatherly character and settled comfortably with Judy and her children. He also became a proud grandfather and in the ceremony, we heard some lovely words from his family as well as from his good friends Dave and Al.

Yorkshire born and bred!


Spreading the love of Yorkshire!

Alan and Judy’s hospitality skills meant that when they offered home hospitality to international students and young people, it wasn’t just a home they provided, but a family too.

Alan’s wise and easy to talk to nature meant that his wisdom often came into use if one of the students needed any advice.

People like Davide and Dodi were truly grateful for the experience they had from staying with Alan – oh – and for the Yorkshire language lessons too that taught them exactly how to say ‘Now then!’

Alan was truly proud to be part of the Welcome to Yorkshire campaigns and projects he was involved in. He was extremely well-known and respected in the local tourist industry.


Alan’s funeral ceremony – York Cemetery with Darley Funeral Directors

Like any tours or arranged trips, there was a schedule in Alan’s Life Tour Funeral Ceremony!

When it came to the evening entertainment, Alan’s own commentary was remembered as we recalled that according to Alan, Clare Balding was the only commentator accurate enough to be worth listening to!

As we toured round Alan’s life, many people linked in to hear and see the service due to the webcast provided by Chris Fielder of J Fielders.

The service and funeral arrangements were looked after by Darley Funeral Directors. Hayley and her team ensured that Alan received a wonderful funeral and even despite restrictions, the ceremony was held with the upmost dignity and respect for such a well loved gentleman.

The Darleys team always go that extra step further to ensure a personal and caring service is provided.

York Cemetery was just right for Alan’s ceremony as it is seeped with history and is part of York’s fine heritage.

As York Cemetery allows longer time for a ceremony than places such as local crematoriums, it meant Alan received a full celebration of his life which had covered 71 years.

Yorkshire’s True Tours


”Louisa spent time with us, and got a real feel of the person Alan was. The service was a perfect tribute to Alan, and we are very thankful for this. I would highly recommend Louisa to deliver a true celebration of life” – Judy Horwell


Funeral Director – Darley Funeral Directors | Celebrant – Louisa Starr – Funeral Celebrant Yorkshire | Webcasting – Chris Fielder | Venue- York Cemetery

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