A Celebration of Maria’s Life at York Cemetery with York Celebrant

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Celebrating Maria’s Life at York Cemetery by York Funeral Celebrant

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‘See that girl, watch that scene digging the Dancing Queen’


”I feel like I’m on stage!” were the words that Maria blurted out whilst dancing her heart away once when at a wedding. When Maria got on the dance floor, so did everybody else as they basically had no choice due to her dragging them with her!

On Maria’s dancing feet, there would always be a pair of shoes taken out of the gigantic collection of footwear that she owned. Yes, Maria was a true shopper!

Her partner Paul was allowed a 10 cm gap in the wardrobe for his shirts but the shopaholic that was Maria always dominated the clothing storage in their house.

And for Maria, bright coloured clothing was a must! She loved bright and vibrant colours that matched her personality perfectly.

She wasn’t just a Dancing Queen however but a Gassing Queen for sure!

Maria could talk to absolutely anybody which meant that she was perfect for working in Customer Service related jobs.

Over the years the customers in Travellers Fair, Jessops, Inner Space, Browns of York and Tesco, were welcomed by Maria’s bubbly and shiny personality.

It wasn’t just the customers who smiled however but also her work colleagues who would be in fits of laughter too!

We raised many giggles at the ceremony remembering  the staff pranks that Maria would be involved with such as challenging work mates to say a particular word that day with a customer – let’s just say, they weren’t ‘normal’ customer service words!


Don’t put me on make-up on a Saturday afternoon!

Maria loved working at Browns of York not only for the comradery but because it also was conveniently next door to the Roman Baths pub!

”Don’t put me on make up on a Saturday afternoon” was her catchphrase as Saturday lunchtime was the time she’d visit the Roman Baths with her friend. Returning after her lunchtime liquid refreshments meant that it was best to leave Maria off the make-up duties that required a delicate hand!

Maria did enjoy the odd tipple, especially with her sister Adele. We laughed at the the ceremony remembering some of Maria’s antics and celebrated the fun and joy that she had during her life by toasting to her with a glass of Prosecco – a drink she loved the taste of!

It was a memorable moment opening the bottle and watching the cork fly up to the ceiling of the York Cemetery Chapel and landing on the floor – luckily nothing and nobody was harmed!!


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Maria’s Minions!

Sitting next to the bottle of Prosecco during the ceremony were Maria’s favourite cartoon characters! The Minions!

We even played a little ditty of a Minion song to remind us how they used to make Maria giggle.

And what a giggle it was! Everybody knew when Maria was around due to the sound of her distinctive chuckle which was absolutely infectious!

Maria’s bright and sparkly personality could brighten up a room. Even when she was diagnosed with her illness, her fighting and bright spirit never faded once.

Having the love of her family around her ensured that she always had a positivity that was a truly beautiful and admirable quality.

To Maria, family was the most important part of her life and she loved every single one of them incredibly.

Modern York Funeral

”I know what it is, I can live with it – there are worse things”

As Maria’s ceremony was at York Cemetery, we were able to celebrate her life without rushing and condensing the stories due to the time allowance being considerably more generous than at many crematoria and venues. (Please see below for further information)

This meant that we were able to truly celebrate her life with a ceremony that was created and written specifically for her.

We recalled the philosophy that Maria created herself  – ”I know what it is, I can live with it – there are worse things”. This was a very ‘Maria’ attitude and outlook and was even more significant because of the difficult circumstances we are currently experiencing due to Covid-19.


Delivering a truly personalised and unique funeral ceremony

Thank you to Maria’s family for their kind words and lovely gift! (Prosecco of course!)

From Maria’s family :-

”To Louisa,

We just wanted to send our heartfelt thanks for the amazing service you provided for Maria. It was such a fitting send off, everybody commented on how very ‘Maria’ it was. You fully took on board everything we told you and so much thought went into it. We can’t thank you enough”

From Adele, Maria’s sister :-

”I can not recommend Louisa enough, she was the celebrant who did my sister’s funeral service. It was so personal to our requirements, anyone would have thought that Louisa personally knew my sister. She had her off to a tee. It was very upbeat, which my sister would have wanted. Nothing was too much trouble for Louisa. Everybody commented on what a fantastic send off Louisa gave my sister. I would certainly recommend her, and would use her again. 5☆”

Funeral Celebrant Ceremonies in York

Funeral Ceremonies can be an uplifting tribute and a true celebration of the life of the person being remembered. Starr Gazing Ceremonies creates a unique ceremony that is tailor-made – no ceremony is the same! They are REAL ceremonies for REAL people!

You are able to book a celebrant or officiant of your choice for a funeral ceremony. Further information about Starr Gazing Funeral Ceremonies can be found on www.funeralcelebrantyorkshire.com


Many thanks to Wendy and the wonderful team at York Cemetery for their impeccable services in maintaining the beauty of the cemetery. Funeral Ceremonies can be performed at the Cemetery even if no burial is required. Please contact Wendy at the Cemetery or ask a Funeral Director.

Maria’s funeral arrangements were conducted by Rowley and Sons Family Funeral Services. Rowley and Sons is an independent family business delivering heartfelt services within the community. They are based on Lawrence Street, York.

The celebrant conducting the service was me!! Louisa Starr from Starr Gazing Ceremonies – Funeral Celebrant Yorkshire

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